▶️ Bald eagle rehabilitated in Bend being donated to Yakama Nation


An injured bald eagle nursed back to health in Bend is being donated to the Yakama Nation for educational purposes.

The young bald eagle was found in August with a partially amputated wing near La Pine. It’s believed it flew into a power line.

“This will be our first bald eagle to our program,” said Michael Beckler, a Yakama Nation Aviary Biologist. “We are excited that it’s a juvenile. We’ll potentially be able to train it to be outreach for us. An ambassador animal is an animal we use to educate the public that may not see an animal up close. We’ll take the animal to a library or a school or a school group come to us. We’ll be able to get up close to the visitors”

Feathers the bird molts will be given to tribal members.

We’ll have a complete report on the young bald eagle in the Jan. 18 edition of The Great Outdoors.

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