▶️ People renting out their back yards as dog parks to make money


With rising inflation, many Americans are looking for side hustles to earn extra cash.

There are plenty of apps that allow property owners to make money off their home. People can rent out a room or their entire house with AirBnB.

Apps like PeerStorage and Neighbor allow homeowners to rent out storage space in their garage or basement. And people with pools can rent them to the public with the app Swimply.

Now there is an app called Sniffspot that connects people with backyards to dog owners who want a space for their pet to roam off a leash.

“It’s just a lot more relaxing not having to worry about the chaos of a dog park,” says Stuart McDonald who lives in a condo with her two dogs and rents Cindy Prince’s backyard in Southern California for $13 an hour.

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“We had most of this here already for our kids who were really underutilizing the space. I’m a stay-at-home mom so this is a way for me to make some extra money for our family,” Prince says.

Sniffspot has about 13,000 backyards around the country that cost anywhere from $5 to $15 an hour. The app was started four years ago by David Adams who wanted to find more places for his dog to play.

“Dogs evolved they were bred out in the open and in fields and now they’re living in apartments and on leashes,” Adams says.

Sniffspot enforces a 30-minute buffer between each booking. Dogs do have to be up to date on vaccines and guests have to clean up after their pet.


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