▶️ Baby it’s cold outside! Winter sneak peek a good reminder to get prepared


Tuesday night lows across Central Oregon are expected to reach into the teens and single digits.

It’s a sneak peek of winter and experts are urging homeowners to prep their houses for the weather before the cold really trikes.

“One way to approach this is to take care of your house, making sure that pipes don’t freeze. So any exposed water lines need to be insulated and covered up,” said Bend Fire Battalion Chief Dave Howe. “Make sure the basement vents are covered. Make sure that if you heat with wood you bring some wood in, get ready to go. Keep your house warmed up, but be careful of heat sources.”

It’s not just you you’ll want to keep safe and warm tonight, but also your four-legged friends.

“The Humane Society always suggest keeping your pets inside when temperatures drop. Always consider the wind chill factor as well, a lot of people think,” said Lynne Ouchida, with the Humane Society of Central Oregon. “What’s a good temperature to bring them inside?” If it’s too cold for you without a jacket that’s a good sign. We want to make sure they have water that they can drink. Make sure that there’s good housing and bedding. If your pet is not used to being inside in a home alone, you can always rent a crate from us and get that crate training going.”

Your car doesn’t like cold weather either. 

“I always recommend getting a oil change before the cold weather hits, and make sure you get some studded tires or snow tires for sure. Keep up on your air,” said Kenny Harris, an assistant manager at Point S Tires in Bend. “You get your car frozen up, radiator problems, you don’t want anything like thatb you know. If you don’t have your coolant and everything squared away it could case you some problems for sure.”


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