B.O.R.N. kicks off NFL season by giving back


Are you ready for some football?

The Bend Oregon Raider Nation sure is.

The group knows as B.O.R.N. held their season kickoff Saturday cleaning up an adopted section of highway and hosting a cook out at Sawyer Park, a spot they also adopted.

The founder says he modeled this club after some other Raider booster clubs he saw when the team was in Oakland.

Their football fanatics that continue to give back in to the community.

“After I got into it and we got into doing some stuff it felt better, and if felt better, and the more stuff we kept doing it felt better. You know like doing dinners at the Bethlehem Inn,” said founder and president Aaron Chambers

If want to watch the games with B.O.R.N. you can catch them this season at the Pour House in Southeast Bend.


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