Avid Cider moving into Silver Moon facility in Redmond

Avid Cider

Avid Cider is moving its production facility to Redmond.

The 15,000-square-foot facility is currently occupied by Silver Moon Brewing, which is moving out to focus on a single location.

Avid Cider is taking over the space as part of its expansion project, hoping to increase production and meet growing demand.

The move is expected to finish up by November.

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Here is the full statement by Avid Cider:

Bend, OR: 6/26/23 — Avid Cider announced today that they will be relocating their production facility to Redmond, Oregon. The move comes as part of Avid’s ongoing expansion efforts as a result of the 2022 partnership with Blake’s Hard Cider of Michigan. The Redmond production facility is currently occupied by Silver Moon Brewing, with the transition expected to be completed by November 2023. Avid Cider will take over the existing 15,000 square foot production facility in Redmond, which includes a sizable tank farm to produce exciting new products.

“We’re so excited to move into a fantastic new production facility,” said Avid Cider’s CEO and Co-Founder, Samantha Roberts. “This move will allow us to increase our production capacity and continue to meet the growing demand for our ciders and Seven Peaks Seltzer brand. We look forward to working with the team at Silver Moon Brewing to ensure a smooth transition and continued success.” she continued. Avid plans to keep all current production employees and will plan to hire additional roles within the company as operations expand.

The facility changes come at a perfect time for both organizations as Avid looks to ramp up production capabilities and as Silver Moon focuses on better synergy and efficiencies with operations at a single location. “Transitioning into a 15,000 sq ft production facility will not only expand our capacity, but it allows us to elevate our quality, streamline efficiencies, and amplify our overall production at Avid Cider Co.” said Avid Cider’s Operations Manager, Scott Krug. “This will allow us to continue producing our high-quality cider for not only our friends and followers in Central Oregon, but the Pacific Northwest and beyond.” he continued.

The transition is expected to be completed by November of this year. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.


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