Destination Oregon: The Ultimate Oregon Clam Chowder Trail

The website: Only in Your State, lists something called the Ultimate Oregon Clam Chowder Trail. When our Dave Jones caught wind of this, he immediately volunteered his Destination Oregon crew to explore this clam chowder trail along the Oregon Coast. Thanks to the folks at Pelican Brewing Company and Gracie’s Sea Hag for giving our crew a taste of the clam chowder trail.

Join us every Thursday for new edition of Destination Oregon, where Dave Jones takes you to some of the most interesting and beautiful places across our state.

ODFW and Bend PD Search for Cougar, Now Deemed a Public Safety Threat

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is working with Bend Police to track down and kill a cougar that has been deemed a threat to the community. Police have received several reports of a cougar spotted in the Deschutes River Canyon and a deer was found killed in a nearby subdivision.

Due to its aggressive behavior and proximity to populated areas the cougar has been deemed a public safety risk, but not everyone is on board with the plan to kill the animal.

Central Oregon Daily’s Samantha O’Connor has more.

The Great Outdoors: Aftermath of the Substation Fire

On July 17, 2018, a fire started on private land southeast of The Dalles and strong winds carried it more than twenty miles up the Deschutes River as the Substation Fire torched the slopes on both sides of the river. For this week’s Great Outdoors,  Gary Lewis looks at the aftermath of the fire in Mack’s Canyon on the Lower Deschutes.

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