App of the Day: Black Friday Price Tracker

It’s one of the easiest ways to shop. I’m talking about Amazon, which will deliver almost anything to you in a reasonable time. The company has changed the landscape of retail shopping across the country. In this What the Tech? Jamey Tucker shows us an a that will help you find deals when using the world’s largest retailer.

Source on the Scene: Get Your Fall on at Smith Rock Ranch

Central Oregon Daily’s Meghan Glova has a festive start to fall at Smith Rock Ranch.

Smith Rock Ranch is open every Friday through Sunday for the rest of October. If you want to beat the ticket line ahead of time, go to

Thanks to our Source on the Scene sponsor, Indian Head Casino, for giving us the time and resources to show you some of the best events and entertainment that our region has to offer every Friday night on Central Oregon Daily.


Parent Update: Kik App is Shutting Down

There are plenty of chat apps out there that can allow you to talk to people around the world, but those same apps can also be particularly dangerous for the teens and preteens who use them. Jamey Tucker has more on one of those apps. The Kik app that has found itself in the middle of controversies involving adults targeting minors.


City Club of Central Oregon – September 2019 Forum

September 12, 2019

The Opportunity Gap and Community-Led Solutions

Oregon is experiencing widening socioeconomic disparities, and now, more than at any time in the past several generations, the circumstances into which a child is born largely determine the life he or she achieves. Community- and local-led change is the backbone of transforming our state. Communities across Oregon, whether connected by geography or common experience, can tell stories about who they are and what they value. When these stories focus on strengths, assets and shared values, they harness the power of positive change to address complex challenges. This is especially important in rural communities, low-income communities and communities of color, which all play a pivotal role in designing sustainable solutions.

This forum will focus on highlighting the stories of local Central Oregon organizations and people who have organized to create solutions that work for and because of the communities in which they exist. They highlight how building relationships across diverse communities is a necessary underpinning for efforts to address opportunity gaps. The forum will also focus on mobilizing all of us to create or champion community-engaged solutions.