Pandora Moth Outbreak Hits Central Oregon

Central Oregon is at the tail end of a Pandora moth outbreak, which typically last three or four cycles of two years. These moths are native to the region and have a two-year life cycle. During the first year of these moths’ lives they can be found in forests as larvae that look similar to a caterpillar, where they consume pine needles.

This summer is the second year of the moths life-cycle, meaning the larvae have turned into the large, two to five-inch moths that are found all over Central Oregon. This is the third-generation of this outbreaks larvae-moth cycle, meaning we may see them again in two years or they may go dormant again.

Local Grocers Union Considers Strike

A local grocery union held a vote today to see whether union members would want to strike if negotiations with employers can’t be resolved. The union, which represents workers in stores like Safeway and Fred Meyer, say that they are fighting for equal pay for men and woman, and better wages for workers overall.

Central Oregon Daily’s Dalton Roth attended the meeting this afternoon and has more on the situation.

Source on the Scene: LRS Country Music Festival

This week Central Oregon Daily’s Dalton Roth heads out to a ranch near Paulina to get a behind the scenes look at the LRS Country Music Fest, which kicked off Thursday and runs through the weekend.

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Bend’s Plastic Bag Ban Starts Monday

Starting Monday, July 1st, single use plastic bags will be banned in the City of Bend. Shoppers will be required to bring their own, reusable bags, or pay 10 cents for every paper bag they use. Central Oregon Daily’s Dalton Roth was out at Newport Avenue Market today to see how stores and shoppers are preparing for the change.