Brandon Blouin Convicted on Three Counts

Brandon Blouin, the 26-year-old man accused of abandoning his one-year-old son in the woods south of Bend in May 2018, was convicted on three counts on Tuesday, while the judge dismissed three other counts.
On Tuesday morning, Deschutes County Judge Wells Ashby convicted Blouin of endangering the welfare of a minor, criminal mistreatment in the first degree and felony possession of body armor.
This was after Blouin submitted an Alford plea on those three counts at a settlement conference on Monday. An Alford plea indicates that Blouin is maintaining his innocence, but he admits that the prosecution does have enough evidence to likely prove his guilt.
As part of that settlement hearing, Judge Ashby dismissed the charges of custodial interference in the first degree, abandonment of a child and child neglect in the second degree.
Blouin was sentenced to 32 months in jail for the criminal mistreatment, a concurrent 30 days for felony possession of body armor and 5 years probation for endangering the welfare of a minor where he will not be allowed any contact with his one-year-old son or his son’s mother or grandmother.
Blouin remains in custody at the Deschutes County Jail but will be transferred to a Department of Corrections facility.

Humane Society: Puppies!

Lynne Ouchida from the Humane Society of Central Oregon, joins us with three of the cutest little Chihuahua-mix puppies ever seen. These three, and their two other siblings, were an unwanted litter, so they are a very cute reminder to spay and neuter your pets to make sure sweet faces like these don’t end up in shelters.

They are also an adorable reminder that, if you’re looking for a puppy, to check out your local shelter!

Thanks to our sponsor Mike’s Fence Center for giving us the time and resources to meet a new adoptable animal each Monday on Central Oregon Daily.