Neighbors Raise Concerns about Hawthorn Bus Station

The Hawthorne bus station has long been the hub of mass transit for Bend and the surrounding areas. However, neighbors say it’s also become a hub for transients and crime, and local business owners say it’s having an impact on their bottom-line.

Central Oregon Daily’s Curtis Vogel looks at some of the concerns that were raised at last night’s city council meeting.

History Repeats Itself: Widow of Local Holocaust Survivor Takes a Look Back

Refugees fleeing war and persecution, American politicians debating whether to allow them into our country, it sounds like today’s headlines but it was also the situation more than seventy years ago as Jews fled Europe during the Holocaust.

On the eve of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Central Oregon Daily’s Curtis Vogel talks to the widow of a longtime Bend resident, who was the lone survivor of a deadly incident that become known as the ‘Holocaust of the Sea.’

House Bill 3063 Moves to House

House Bill 3063 is officially out of committee and on its way to the House for a full vote. The decision wasn’t unanimous and, like every vote since the bill was proposed, emotions ran high. HB 3063 is a proposed bill that would require school aged children to be vaccinated unless they are medically exempt. Central Oregon Daily’s Curtis Vogel has more.

House Bill 3063 Moves Forward

On Wednesday morning in Salem, there was a line out the door of the Joint Ways and Means Subcommittee during the public hearing on HB 3063, the bill that would remove all non-medical exemptions for vaccines for school-aged children. Most of those who spoke at he hearing were opposed to the bill, but in an afternoon session, the subcommittee decided to move the bill forward to the full Ways and Means Committee, where it is expected to be considered on Friday at 9 a.m.

Mirror Pond Dredging

It’s been 35 years since the last dredging of Bend’s iconic Mirror Pond, and at that time it cost $312,000, almost half of which came from federal government funds through a clean water grant.

This time dredging the proposed cost is $6.7 million and there is no indication that the federal government will provide any funding. That leaves the burden of the costs to various stakeholders, like the private company that owns the land under the river, Pacific Power, the City of Bend, and Bend Parks and Rec.

Central Oregon Daily’s Curtis Vogel was live tonight from the Deschutes County Services Building where citizens were voicing their opinions on the proposed project.

Downtown Parking Changes Impact Nearby Residents

Three weeks ago, the city of Bend made some changes to the downtown parking rules to relieve congestion, but now homeowners nearby say those chnages are having unintended consequences on the safety and security of their neighborhoods.
Central Oregon Daily’s Curtis Vogel talked with one of those concerned homeowners on Thursday after eight residents spoke up about the issue at Wednesday night’s city council meeting.
During that city council meeting, councilors promised to schedule a work session to address the issue.

Redmond Mayor in the Nation’s Capital

One of the cornerstones of President Trump’s economic policy is a program called “opportunity zones,” and one of those zones is in the city of Redmond. That’s why Mayor George Endicott was invited to be in the nation’s capital today.

Central Oregon Daily’s Curtis Vogel got a chance to talk to the mayor while he was still in DC and joins us with details.

Bend Parks and Rec Plans for Growth with new SDCs

The board of directors at Bend Park and Rec will get an update at tonight’s meeting about a proposed hike in development fees, which the board believes is needed to account for the growth projected over the next decade in bend.

System Development Charges (SDCs) are the fees that government agencies charge to bring in revenue to provide services for residents.

The Central Oregon Builders Association (COBA) is one of the stakeholder groups that have been involved with the drafting of the proposal and representatives of COBA told us that the original draft included development fees for commercial properties as well, but COBA argued that it would be too much of a deterrent to bringing new businesses to bend.

There will be a public hearing on the SDC rate increase proposal coming up on May 21st at the Bend Park and Rec headquarters.