Aggressive deer reported in Southern Oregon

Black-tailed doe deer

People in Southwest Oregon are reporting an aggressive deer roaming the area, with most of the reports coming from Ashland. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is urging people to be cautious, saying the aggressiveness may be case of does protecting their young.

The reports of the aggressive deer have been coming in from Jackson and Josephine counties. A dog was killed by a doe in Gold Hill earlier this month, ODFW said.

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“At this time of year in the Rogue Valley, black-tailed does are raising their fawns and will protect them against dogs, people, or other perceived threats,” ODFW said. The agency also noted that bucks are more likely to be aggressive in October and November, but can be aggressive all year when they are being fed.

Wildlife biologist Mathew Vargas says dog owners should consider not walking their dogs for a few weeks in areas where aggressive deer are being reported.

For those living in areas of aggressive deer sightings, ODFW has this advice:

  • Don’t approach deer – keep your distance.
  • Keep on a leash.
  • Don’t pick up fawns or get near them – does are very protective. Does may leave fawns alone for a time to go off and forage on their own.
  • Don’t feed wildlife. It habituates them to people, making them less afraid and more aggressive.
  • Stay alert, especially at dawn and dusk. Be aware of your surroundings and areas where deer may be.

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