Appointed Redmond city councilor to resign before election day


A Redmond city councilor appointed by the mayor just five months ago has announced he will resign on Monday, one week before election day.

Albert Calderon is currently up for election and his name is on the ballot sent out to Redmond residents.

Calderon submitted his resignation letter to Mayor George Endicott on Wednesday.

“With the passing months, I have recognized this position requires many more hours than I am able to commit,” Calderon wrote. “As the Election nears I have come to the realization that I need to focus my time and effort on supporting my family and my business. I am resigning now, prior to the election, in hopes a candidate who has the time and is prepared to serve the community of Redmond can be elected to take my place.”

Calderon, a general contractor and 2001 graduate of Redmond High, was appointed June 1st to replace Joe Centanni, who resigned.

“After interviewing Mr. Calderon, it was evident that he is passionate about giving back to the community where he was raised and now operates a successful business,” Endicott said at the time.

He was expected to serve until December 31st.

Deschutes County ballots in Redmond show nine candidates, including Calderon, running for three positions on the council.

The top three vote-getters are elected to a four-year term.



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