▶️ Chance to see Oregon’s ‘ring of fire’ eclipse Saturday looking cloudy


Coming soon to a strip of the Earth near you — a solar eclipse. The question is: Will the weather allow us to see it?

On Saturday, the moon will pass between the sun and the Earth for an annular eclipse — a “ring of fire” effect for those in the eclipse’s path. That path will take it over parts of Oregon, with the full effect visible in Sunriver, La Pine and more areas to the south.

Parts of central and southeast Oregon will see this eclipse starting about 8 a.m., reaching totality around 9:15.

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“An annularity is where you are supposed to be able to see a ring of sun around the moon from our perspective and that will last about a minute and a half,” said Case Freels, a program specialist at the Sunriver Observatory. “I’m hoping it’s cool and I’m hoping the weather cooperates.”

That may be a problem.

“We are going to have a front move in on Saturday morning. It’s going to bring a combination of clouds and low chances for rain on Saturday,” said Ed Townsend, a National Weather Service science officer based in Pendleton.

Regardless, eclipse viewing events are planned in Chiloquin, La Pine and Sunriver.

The Sunriver Nature Center and Observatory’s event has been sold out for weeks, but the public is invited to Sunriver Resort’s Backyard, The Village at Sunriver and the Sunriver Homeowners Aquatic and Rec Center for hosted viewing events.

“Even if it’s raining out, following the eclipse, as soon as it’s over, we will be having mimosas and complements of Hot Lava, desserts and coffee,” said Bonnie Junell, of the Artists’ Gallery in Sunriver.

Events in Sunriver after the eclipse include the Fall Fest at Sunriver Resort, The Sunriver Saturday Market at SHARC, and the Locals’ Weekend in the Village at Sunriver.

You can pick up a pair of safety glasses for viewing the eclipse by donating a can of food at 19 participating businesses in the Village at Sunriver.


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