▶️ Open house for trail to connect parks in Northeast Bend


A picture perfect Saturday for a walk or bike ride. Perfect timing for the Bend Park and Recreation District to hold a trail side open house.

The info session for the North Unit Canal Trail Project was held at Pine Nursery Park in Northeast Bend.

The district is working to make the ditch rider roads along a section the canal an official trail.

“It’s really complicated,” said Henry Stroud a trail planner with the District.

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“The property rights are really complicated, the permitting can be very complicated,” added Stroud.

This road along the canal is managed by the Bureau of Reclamation and the North Unit Irrigation District which means going through a federal permitting process that could take a year or more.

Improving the path, that many already use, will connect existing parks and a new residential development.

And while there’s not a lot of flexibility in the design of this trail, the District still wants to hear input.

“Hey what do you like about the trails? What do you not like? How do we make them better? How do we do those small tweaks to really make this an enjoyable experience,’ added Stroud.

If you missed the open house you can find out more information on the project here.


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