Amateur radio enthusiasts have a field day in Sisters


The call “CQ, CQ field day. CQ, CQ, field day,” echoed out of the pop-up tent.

Members of the High Desert Amateur Radio Group took part in the annual field day at Creekside Park in Sisters on Saturday.

Part competition, part open house, the international event sees ham radio groups attempting to contact other operators around the US and Canada.

More than a hobby, ham radio groups can keep the lines of communication open if disaster strikes.

It’s an activity that attracts people from all walks of life.

“There’s more and more younger people becoming interested in it as they learn about it and this event is to show the public what it’s all about,” said member Dave Drullinger.

The local group provides communications for the Pole Pedal Paddle in the spring and can support Saint Charles if standard radio and internet systems at the hospital go down.


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