▶️ A goodbye and thank you from Allen Schauffler


Central Oregon Daily News anchor, reporter and mentor Allen Schauffler has signed off, ending a career that’s taken him from Bend to San Luis Obispo to Seattle to world destinations and back to Central Oregon again. He wanted to leave this goodbye and thank you to viewers and colleagues.

After 35 years in this business, it is time to retire. Maybe it will even work this time.

My first and most important thank you is to my wife and life partner, Cynthia. Without your love, constant support and remarkable adaptability none of this would have been possible.

Broadcast journalism is a team sport and I have been lucky to work with so many talented and dedicated people.

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Thank you, especially, to all the photographers, videographers, photojournalists — whatever you call yourselves. You are the infantry in this army and I am proud and honored to march with you. Here at Central Oregon Daily News, we have some of the best I’ve ever worked with.

Assignment editors, writers, producers, directors, board ops, webmasters, engineering wizards, sat-truck drivers — yes, even news directors! Thank you for all your help and patience over the years.
As for co-anchors, here goes and I hope I don’t leave anyone out: Thank you Lynn, Jeanette, Marianne, Susannah, Julie, Carolyn, Lori, Jean, Joyce, Shannon, Margaret, Samantha, Emily, Heather, Genevieve and of course Rob and Allen. It was a pleasure sitting at your elbow. Thank you for cleaning up all my on-air messes.

Advertisers and sales force, thank you for embracing the product and keeping the news segments from crashing into each other. Bill and Betty Fenske, thank you for always keeping me on track.

And to all of you out there watching? None of this happens — none of this matters without you. Thank you for watching and, of course, thank you for making the switch!

This has been a remarkable place to end a career. You are lucky to have Central Oregon Daily News. This place is different. Unicorn different. It is a very special place and a very special news product. Enjoy.

Cheers and love! I’ll see you down the road.

For context, the Bill and Betty Fenske that Allen references is a fictional couple — but they are an important part of telling the story. For example, if a story talks about a measurement of distance and that measurement is kilometers, Allen might tell the person writing that story “Bill and Betty live in a place that uses miles, not kilometers.”



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