All-time record high temps expected as heat wave moves into Central Oregon


A life-threatening heatwave forecasted for Central Oregon this weekend into early next week is likely to break record high temperatures that have been on the books for more than 100 years.

Bend is all but certain to break June’s record high of 100 degrees, set back in 1926.

The all-time high of 106 – set back on August 1st, 1916 – is also likely to fall early next week.

Central Oregon Daily Chief Meteorologist Dorrell Wenninger has forecasted a high of 107 in Bend on Monday, part of a four-day stretch where temperatures top out at 100 or above.

In Redmond, the record high in June is 100 degrees set in 2017.

The all-time high in Redmond is 108 degrees, set on Aug. 7th, 1972.

“The hottest day will be Monday, for the High Desert and forecast temps are expected to be hotter than anything we have on record for much of our tri-county area,” Wenninger said. “Remember the basics… do not leave children or pets in your vehicle for any amount of time. In just 15 mins at 100 degrees, the inside temp of your car will reach up to 140.”

Wenninger said temps on Monday could range 105 to 110+ degrees across the region.

In fact, starting Saturday, every day of the 7-day planner has a chance to break daily record highs.

What’s worse, low humidity levels will exasperate already extremely dry conditions that are ripe for wildfire starts.

Temperatures are expected to be even hotter elsewhere in Oregon.

Salem is expecting temperatures to surpass 110 degrees on Sunday and Portland is expected to surpass 100 degrees Saturday and Sunday.

In Bend, the Homeless Leadership Coalition announced several cooling shelters would open to help those at risk or to anyone who just wanted a place to cool down. 






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