In 2nd Alex Jones trial, FBI agent at Sandy Hook breaks down

Alex Jones

WATERBURY, Conn. (AP) — An FBI agent struggled to control his emotions as he described on the witness stand seeing bodies inside Sandy Hook elementary school — a scene that the conspiracy theorist Alex Jones later claimed was staged by actors.

FBI agent William Aldenberg was the first witness to testify Tuesday as Connecticut jury began hearing arguments in a trial to decide how much money Jones owes for spreading the lie that the 2012 mass shooting in Newtown didn’t happen.

The trial began Tuesday in Waterbury, only 18 miles from Newtown, where 26 people were killed in 2012.

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Lawyers for the Sandy Hook families say Jones caused the families emotional and psychological harm.

Jones attorneys argue his comments, which he now admits were wrong, were protected speech.

In a trial that concluded last month, a Texas jury has ordered Jones to pay $49.3 million in total damages to the parents of a first-grader killed in the massacre.

Central Oregon Daily News contributed to this report.


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