▶️ WILD VIDEO: Alaska Bear and moose grapple; wolf then goes after moose calf


GUSTAVUS, Alaska — Alaskan wildlife officials have released what they say is rare footage showing a bear and wolf hunting a moose and her calf at a national park.

In the video, taken in Glacier Bay National Park in early July, a bear can be seen approaching the animals, prompting the moose to lunge towards it. As the moose and bear fight it out, a wolf is seen approaching the distracted moose’s calf.

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“Witness the intense moment when prey and predators come face-to-face in this clip,” the Alaska Department of Fish and Game for the Southeast wrote on Facebook. “This camera was perfectly positioned along a popular animal travel corridor, giving us a front-row seat to Mother Nature’s drama.”

It’s not clear from the video if the wolf got the calf or who won the battle between the moose and bear.


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