▶️ Alaska Airlines announces new rules: No mask, no flight, no exceptions



Get your face coverings and masks ready. Starting August 7th, having a mask is the only way you’ll be boarding an Alaska Airlines flight.

Flyers age two and up will be required to wear a cloth mask or face covering.

Those unwilling or unable to wear a mask will not be allowed to fly.

Arkansas resident Julian Mink flew out of Redmond Wednesday and he thinks the new policy is a bit much.

“It seems to me that it’s a little overboard comparatively in history,” Mink said. “It’s like why would they react so strongly to this when there are other things that could’ve been reacted to.”

According to AAA Oregon, it’s too soon to tell if they’ll see a boost in travel numbers by the end of the year.

If you want to plan that future trip through Alaska, you better keep a mask on during your next flight, because if you refuse, the airline will suspend you from future travel.

Redmond resident Carmah Parr says she thinks this is fair.

“I think they’re reasonable because you can decide not to fly and stuff like that,” Parr said. “So you kind of have to abide by rules.”

Something both Parr and Mink agreed on was how they felt about the age requirement.

“I do think two is a little young,” Parr said.

“Having to handle that, especially if you have two or three kids–I can’t imagine,” Mink added.

If you simply forget your mask, Alaska will have them available upon request.


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