▶️ US to order airlines to be transparent about all fees up front


The Biden administration has decided to crack down on hidden extra fees for air travelers.

The Department of Transportation plans to require airlines and travel websites to reveal those charges up front, instead of adding them on at the end, when you make a reservation. 

Those fees include baggage fees, change fees, cancellations fees, and any additional costs for a family to sit together.

It’s an effort to give consumers a clearer sense of the total cost to travel from the beginning.

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Worth noting — many airlines have eliminated cancellation and change fees.

In a statement, airlines responded to this proposed regulation saying they “already offer transparency to consumers from first search to touchdown. U.S. airlines are committed to providing the highest quality of service, which includes clarity regarding prices, fees, and ticket terms.”

President Joe Biden on Monday directed his cabinet to identify and eliminate extra fees being charged to consumers in a variety of industries — things like late fees, overdraft fees and early termination fees.

He also criticized the energy sector for not bringing down gas prices.


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