▶️ Air filters sell out as smoky skies linger in Central Oregon


Hazardous air quality outside can quickly turn to unhealthy air inside.

That’s why Scott Bellefeuille, manager for Mountain View Heating, recommends people check how long it has been since they last changed their air filter.

Bellefeuille said you should change an air filter every three months if it’s one-inch thick and every six months to a year if it’s four to five inches thick.

“All of it’s for health reasons, because any air you’re pulling through, we want it to be as clean as possible,” Bellefeuille said.

It’s both important to change your air filter for health reasons and to prevent expensive damage to your HVAC system.

“If you don’t change your filter and it’s dirty, you’ll damage the heating system in your home,” Bellefeuille said.

Home Depot in Bend said their air filter shelves are empty. Mountain View Heating still has a few left.

With some rain on Friday, air quality in Bend is improving, but Bellefeuille said it’s still important to make sure you’re taking care of your home.

“We’ve been very busy because of COVID and people staying in their homes, wanting to have their home feel better,” Bellefeuille said. “Then the smoke on top of that just amplified it.”



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