▶️ It’s time to make sure your air conditioner is ready for summer


With the weather starting to warm up, you may notice your house doing the same thing.

It’s almost time to get that air conditioning started. And like any other appliance, the A/C unit likely needs attention before running again.

We spoke with technicians at Home Heating and Cooling about what it looks like to prepare the A/C for the summer.

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They say early maintenance is important so that you can avoid the typical rush when the weather really warms up.

“In the end of April, going into May timeframe is a is a good spot to kind of start having the thought process of having somebody come out to do the routine maintenance,” said Derek, a service technician.

They also say that if you notice your air conditioning unit isn’t working well, the first thing to check is your air filter.

With all the pollen and dust in the High Desert, those air filters get clogged up pretty quickly and you’ll notice a big difference when they’re cleaned out or replaced.


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