▶️ After healing from severe burns, Holiday Farm Fire cat finds new home



It’s been a long road to getting Sara, a black, one-year-old cat at the Humane Society of Central Oregon, into a new home.

“We stopped in and saw Sara and just fell in love with her,” Seth Schulz, Sara’s new owner, said. “We’ve been visiting her every few days.”

Sara was a victim of the Labor Day Holiday Farm Fire.

In September, a Good Samaritan brought her to Bend’s Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center with serious burn injuries.

After a three day stay, she was transferred to the HSCO.

“She required a lot of care,” Karen Burns, VP of operations for HSCO, said. “She had bandage changes almost every other day, and a lot of those she had to be sedated for because of the painful nature that burns are. Animals just like people can be very resilient.”

Sara was the Bend shelter’s most serious burn case from the September fires. It took months for her burns to heal.

HSCO got in contact with Sara’s original family, but they decided it was best she be adopted, as they lost almost everything to the fire.

“After six months, she’s become an absolute staff favorite,” Burns said. “She’s been blossoming here. She’s all healed up.”

This week, Sara was taken to her new home with Charlotte Schulz and her father.

“She seemed like a great addition to our family,” Seth Schulz said.



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