▶️ After daughter survived H1N1, Bend woman urges everyone to heed COVID-19 warnings


The youngest of three girls, eleven-year-old Eden Hammer is described by her mother as outgoing and loud.

Today, Eden is lucky to be alive. On Valentine’s Day of 2009, her mother Karen noticed that then 9-month-old Eden was having some trouble breathing.

“It seemed just like congestion,” said the Bend resident. “Doctor sent me home and said it’s a cold.”

But a month later, Karen was rushing Eden to the emergency room

“I raced her to the hospital listening to her cry and I got into the parking lot of ER and she just stopped, I didn’t hear anything,” said Hammer. “I carried her in, lifeless, to ER and they didn’t even look at me. It was all hands on deck.”

After a few days at St Charles, Eden was life-flighted to Emanuel Children’s Hospital in Portland, where she remained on military grade life support for 15 days.

Eventually, doctors diagnosed her with H1N1.

“Which at the time wasn’t in the news,” said Hammer.  “we didn’t know much about it. When we were discharged we were on a self quarantine situation in our home.”

While Eden, now almost 12, remains healthy, Karen says that she’s urging people to take COVID-19 virus seriously, by taking all the necessary precautions and following health officials’ guidelines to  prevent the spread of the disease.

“I think the important thing at this time is being aware of what we’re being asked to do, that’s hygiene, hand washing, distancing each other,” said Hammer. “When you learn the hard way sometimes you just have to do a gentle reminder about why certain protocols are put in place.”

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