▶️ What Idaho’s new ‘abortion trafficking’ law means for Oregon


Further abortion restrictions in Oregon’s neighboring state, Idaho, are being called “the strictest in the country” by Planned Parenthood Alliance Advocates.

On Wednesday, Idaho Governor Brad Little signed House Bill 242 into law expanding the limits on abortion access for Idahoans. 

Oregon Right to Life’s executive director Lois Anderson said the new legislation, “restricts non-related adults from transporting underage girls across state lines for abortions without parental consent.”

It’s what Idaho is now calling “abortion trafficking.” The penalty under the new law is potentially two to five years in prison. Plus, the parents of the minor could sue the adult who took the child across the state lines for abortion services. 

“For too long now, Idaho lawmakers have slipped under the radar with some of the strictest anti-abortion laws in the country,” said Idaho State Director of Planned Parenthood Alliance Advocates, Millie DelliCarpini-Tolman.

Oregon Planned Parenthood clinics expecting to provide services to people from Idaho seeking abortions may see fewer patients than anticipated with this new law. 

Oregon Right to Life told us the clinic in Ontario, Oregon sends a clear message. 

“Obviously with Planned Parenthood opening up a facility right across the border in Ontario, it was clearly designed to market to Idaho residents,” said Anderson.

DelliCarpini-Tolman called the legislation “despicable.”

“They are using an incredibly serious term like ‘trafficking’ to talk about young people traveling with trusted adults to access a legal procedure in another state,” DelliCarpini-Tolman said.

Idaho is one of 13 states that has banned abortion in all stages of pregnancy.


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