9 arrested in Prineville burglary and drug bust

Nine people were arrested Tuesday in Prinveville on burglary and drug-related charges after one of the suspects tried to sell the stolen goods on Facebook Marketplace, police said.

Prineville Police Capt. Larry Seymour said they received a report Sunday of a burglary at a home on NE Elm Street, with an estimated loss of $20,000.

During the investigation, police received information that 21-year-old Rhiley Small was trying to sell the reported stolen items on Facebook Marketplace.

“Rhiley was kind enough to use his personal FB page and include a photo of his hand holding the stolen property,” Seymour said.

Monday, Prineville Police arrested Small and charged him with several crimes including first-degree burglary  and first-degree aggravated theft. Seymour said several other stolen items were recovered as well.

Police continued to seek out other leads to this case and received information that some of the stolen items were located at 552 NE Court Street and 475 NE 1st Street. Prineville PD applied for, and was granted search warrants at both locations.  The warrants were served on Monday.

Seymour said the first warrant was served at 552 NE Court Street. PPD has received a multitude of tips related to chronic nuisance issues to suspected drug use and sales at the Court Street address.

During the execution of the search warrant, 7 subjects were detained and arrested on various charges. Seymour said some of the stolen property was recovered from this address, along with user amounts of heroin and meth. The house was without power and water, and drug paraphernalia was strewn throughout the house. The house was named by many of its visitors as the “Trap House,” Seymour said. 

During the execution of the warrant at 475 NE 1st Street, 1 subject was arrested on on multiple outstanding warrants. 

Those also arrested:
Dustin Scott, 24; Nathan White, 34; Jenna Campbell, 20; Jessica Verhein, 26; Ryan Huber, 26; David Post, 30; Eimile Cork, 26; Heidi Luna, 53 – all of Prineville.

This investigation is ongoing and property is still being sought out.

If you unknowingly purchased property from a Rhiley Small or a FB page under his hip-hop artist name of “Rhiley Dub Casteel (R-Dub)” in the last week, please call Prineville Police and speak with Det. Bottoms or Case Agent, Officer Vollmer.

Prineville PD was assisted in this investigation by the Crook County SO Deputies and Jail staff. PPD also wants to thank our Prineville Public Works team for setting us up with power and lighting equipment.

Any information related to this case can be forwarded to either the Case Agent, Officer Vollmer at tvollmer@prinevillepd.org or Detective Kathryn Bottoms at kbottoms@prinevillepd.org. 

You can also leave a PM on the Prineville PD FB page or call our non-emergency line at 541-447-4168.

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