▶️ 77-year-old Redmond woman injured in hit-and-run; known for daily grocery runs, Sno-Cap visits



Nancy Newman comes to Redmond’s Sno Cap Drive-In every morning.

When she didn’t show up on Thursday, kitchen manager Dieanna Hutchins knew something was wrong.

“We usually see her walking down the road or something,” Hutchins said. “I had actually thought maybe she was sick, because last week she had a day where she wasn’t feeling very well.”

77-year-old Newman cares for her disabled husband Colin and walks to Grocery Outlet almost every day.

“She walks everywhere. Even in the snow and the rain — it doesn’t matter,” Hutchins said. “She’s taking care of her husband and what she needs to do.”

On her walk Thursday, Newman was hit by a tow truck while crossing Jackpine Avenue and 6th Street.

Police say 26-year-old Ryan Bills of Bend was driving the truck and left the scene.

“So yesterday was spent like one of those days where you’re crying and you’re hoping and you’re praying and you’re just…you don’t know anything,” Hutchins said. “You know I’m not family, so how do I get that information?”

Last Hutchins heard Newman had surgery at St. Charles in Bend and is now in intensive care.

Bills was arrested for hit-and-run and second-degree assault.

“I really really want them to be praying for her and for Colin that they get to a safer situation,” Hutchins said. “Where she isn’t out walking around all times of the day and everything, trying to provide for them.”

St. Charles told Central Oregon Daily that Newman is in fair condition.

Police also told Hutchins that Newman’s husband is now in the hospital to be taken care of while his wife recovers.

A GoFundMe has been set up for Newman to help her “get back on her feet.”


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