60 earthquakes occur off Oregon Coast; not felt on land


Seismologists are keeping an eye on 60 earthquakes recorded off the Oregon Coast over the last couple of days, the largest reaching magnitude-5.8.

The earthquake activity was from 200 to 250 miles west of Newport.

No tsunamis were expected, according to the National Weather Service and Pacific Northwest Seismic Network says the activity was eye-catching but nothing to be extra concerned about.

Initially, 10 quakes were reported on Tuesday but the seismic activity kept going.

Doug Gibbons, with the PNW Seismic Network, told Central Oregon Daily News Wednesday morning the quake total had reached 60.

The agency said the area, called the Blanco Fracture Zone, is very active and has had 49 earthquakes above magnitude 4.5 in the last five years.

All the earthquakes were recorded about 10 kilometers below the surface.


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