▶️ 3D homes planned for Eastern Oregon


It’s a pretty simple concept: Program it, push a button, stand back and watch a home get built.

3D computer printing of housing units, could be coming soon to Eastern Oregon.

The city of John Day is joining a local developer in a project that will include at least 12 computer-printed units designed as low or middle income housing.

They are hoping to begin construction this June.

The technology is new and presents an array of challenges, opportunities and questions.

Our Allen Schauffler went to John Day to talk with city project manager Aaron Lieuallen, developer Russ Comer and architect Mark Seder about what could be a revolution in home design and construction.

Zack Mannheimer, CEO of Alquist3D, the likely builder for the John Day project tells us these will be the first computer-printed homes in the Pacific Northwest.


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