35 units still unclaimed at Lucky Horseshoe Storage, ODOT says


The Oregon Department of Transportation tells us 35 storage units are still unclaimed at Lucky Horseshoe Storage in Bend.

Tenants now have until May 13th to retrieve their belongings.

The storage facility off Highway 97 was acquired by ODOT earlier this year, forcing over 400 tenants to pick up and move out.

Since February, ODOT has been trying to help as many of these tenants as possible, but the process was made difficult when property owners refused to hand over tenant contact information.

▶️ Lack of notice, ODOT purchase leaves Bend storage tenants scrambling

ODOT tells us a final 30 day notice letter was sent out on April 13th to the 135 people who had identified they had a unit, but had not moved out their belongings yet.

Since that letter went out, the state agency has seen an average of six to seven people are moving out of their units per day.

On May 13th, ODOT will begin an “ejection process” for people who have not removed their belongings.

The ejection process is a 30 day court process, and by the end of those 30 days, any items left in storage units will become ODOT property.

We are told ODOT does not have a plan what to do with leftover belongings yet, as they hope everything will be claimed.

Leftover belongings could be put into long-term storage, auctioned off, sold, or donated.


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