‘234% increase’; Oregon Planned Parenthood prepares for more abortion patients


The Guttmacher Institute has estimated that Oregon will see 234% increase in patients seeking an abortion in our state.

Oregon’s neighbor to the east, Idaho, has a trigger law on the books that will make abortion illegal in 30 days.

Planned parenthood spoke today about its clinics nearest to Idaho in Bend and a future clinic in Ontario, Oregon. Boise to Ontario is 54 miles, less than an hour drive.

“The city of Ontario, is one we are working to establish a clinic. I do not have more details on the timing,” said Jane Udall, Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette.

For now the nearest stop for abortion-seekers in Idaho will be Bend.

Udall also said, “Bend is, has been a center of attention for us. It is full staffed, we do have providers. We do believe that Bend will begin to see potentially more patients.

How many women might travel for an abortion is anyone’s guess, but estimates for state’s like Oregon are high.

Lisa Gardner, also with Planned Parenthood, reiterated that the organization will not be checking where a patient is from.

“We are all being asked to meet an unmeetable moment. That the states, 26 to 28 states will be absorbing the healthcare of 24 to 16 states depending on how things fall,” said Gardner.

Planned Parenthood reports roughly 70-percent of abortions it performs in Oregon are medical, but even with doctor’s visits going virtual, prescribing those drugs for out of state patients, probably won’t happen without an in-person visit.

Udall added, “We are not offering telehealth across state lines.” 

This will leave nearby patients seeking an abortion with little choice but to drive to Oregon.



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