2 stranded drivers rescued in snowy conditions in Crook Co. over weekend

Frog Pond Rescue

Two separate stranded motorists were rescued in Crook County over the weekend due to snowy conditions, according to Deputy Andy Pearson. 

Crook County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue team heard about the first vehicle at 1:45 a.m. Sunday morning.

The motorist, trapped in the Mill Creek and Harvey Gap area with three other people, was able to make an SOS call to let the team know their coordinates. 

Eight team members took off with four vehicles, snowmobiles and the tracked side-by-side. SAR sent a fully chained vehicle and a snowmobile to the coordinates, where they found the stranded people. 

They were then taken back to safety in Prineville. 

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The second rescue happened near Frog Pond, when a man got stuck trying to help others who had been stranded. 

Crook County Dispatch got news of him just before 9 p.m. 

SAR sent 11 members with five vehicles, snowmobiles and the tracked side-by-side, using Ham Radio and GPS communications to search the area. 

They found friends of the man who were searching for him in the McKay Saddle area, but they weren’t able to search any further because of the snow. 

The SAR team used three snowmobiles and the tracked side-by-side to drive several miles to the stranded man. 

They brought him back to the staging area, where friends picked him up and took him home. 

The Crook County Sheriff’s Office wants to remind people to let people know where you are going and stick to your plan when traveling in the snow. 

For more information about backcountry safety, you can visit https://www.ccssar.org/backcountry.htm


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