2 Caldera High School students face charges after online shooting threat


Two Caldera High School students face disorderly conduct charges after posting a school shooting threat to social media Friday, but Bend Police said no weapons were found.

Lt. Juli McConkey said around 12:22 p.m. police were contacted by someone saying there was a video circulating on a social media platform regarding a shooting at the new high school.

McConkey said the threat was specific to Caldera and was intended to target lunchtime. 

“Once the post went live, numerous students reported the incident to Caldera High School staff and law enforcement,” McConkey said.

The investigation revealed the creators of the video were two Caldera students, both juveniles, and they posted it live while on campus.

School administrators and police were able to identify and find the students quickly, but a search revealed they had no weapons – and they had no access to any weapons, McConkey said.

She said there was no threat to the Caldera community and there’s no one else to interview about the incident. 

This case has been referred to the Deschutes County Juvenile Department for charges of first-degree disorderly conduct.

Schools were already on alert Friday after a national TikTok challenge that warned of school shootings and bomb threats. 

Local school districts alerted parents of the situation Thursday night but said they did not believe any of the threats were local or credible. 

In Redmond, district officials said police presence likely would increase at schools. 

On Friday district officials said it was business as usual at schools and parents, for the most part, sent their kids to class like normal. 

In a letter to parents Friday, Principal Chris Boyd lauded the students who came forward after seeing the video.

“I am thankful to our upstanding students who wasted no time alerting us to the post,” he said. “We should all be proud of them for knowing what to do and taking action immediately to report this social media post.”

He called the incident a “disappointing and upsetting event,” but he hoped it would create a teachable moment for parents. 

“Parents, please share with your students that hoax threats are not a joke, and they can have devastating consequences — both for the public and for those who post them,” he wrote. “Hoax threats can result in both arrest by law enforcement and/or suspension or expulsion by the school district.”

McConkey said the threat was not related to the TikTok challenge but was said to have been a copycat inspired by the attention of the national challenge.

“School threats, such as this, will not be tolerated,” McConkey said. “Bend Police will continue to investigate these threats and hold the people responsible for the disruption.”



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