19-year-old Bend man arrested for child abuse at daycare

A 14-month-old baby was seriously injured after he was left in the care of a 19-year-old Bend man on Wednesday, according to Bend Police.  

On Wednesday afternoon, officers were dispatched to a pediatric medical clinic regarding an injured infant. 

The infant had possibly life-threatening injuries, which included restricted blood and airflow due to strangulation, along with visible injuries to his head, mouth and body, police said.

After an investigation, police discovered the infant had been in the care of an unlicensed daycare provider while he was injured. 

Police discovered 19-year-old Joseph Bernhardt, the boyfriend of the daycare provider, had been left to care for the baby for around 45 minutes on Wednesday. 

Bend detectives searched the unlicensed daycare center, which was located at 2767 NE Broken Bow.  

The residents of the home are cooperating with investigators, police said.

Bernhardt and his girlfriend live in Bend but don’t live at the house where the alleged abuse happened. 

Bernhardt was arrested and charged with strangulation, criminal mistreatment, first-degree assault and third-degree assault. 


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