15th annual Zwicklemania quenches thirst for beer knowledge


Zwickle, German for a device to sample beer out fermentation tanks.

Zwicklemania, Oregon for the celebration of craft beer.

Saturday’s 15th annual event took place at breweries around the state.

“When we get them to come in here, they feel a little bit more intimate to be able to talk to us and to, you know, get a real good feel of what we do around here,” said Matt Katakura the Lead Brewer at Wild Ride Brewing.

The Oregon Brewers Guild sponsors the event which gives beer lovers a chance to get a behind the scenes look at production and try some new beers.

“They also get to sample the beer before it gets fully carbonated. Sometimes the beer can still be fermenting, so you get some of those other characteristics that aren’t, you know, going to be in your final product, obviously,” added Katakura.

Wild Ride Brewing in Redmond offered samples of their  Kiefer Magic Hazy IPA which this year has a new hop profile.


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