10 vaccinated Oregonians died from COVID in July; OHA corrects data


The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) has issued a correction to data shared in its latest report on vaccine breakthrough cases.

The OHA vaccine breakthrough report, released on Aug. 5, listed 55 COVID deaths in July.

OHA incorrectly stated 91% of these deaths (a total of 50 cases) were in unvaccinated individuals.

OHA public health epidemiologists have since found that an additional five deaths occurred in fully vaccinated individuals since the report was released, but had been counted among the total of unvaccinated individuals.

The correct total of deaths in July among vaccinated people was 10, and the total of deaths among unvaccinated people was 45.

The updated figure lowers the percentage of deaths among unvaccinated Oregonians to 82%.

“While the July deaths show a higher percentage of vaccinated people have died from COVID-19 than in previous months, it’s too early to tell if this change represents a trend we will see in coming reports. The overall number of vaccine breakthrough deaths was small and estimates produced by small numbers are uncertain,” said Dr. Melissa Sutton, medical director for respiratory viral pathogens at OHA.

“The overall numbers still show that people who are unvaccinated remain at far greater risk from COVID-19 illness, especially from the Delta variant that is now being found in most new cases in Oregon.”

OHA will be published an updated report with most current data on Tuesday. The updated report will be published on the OHA website.


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