▶️ Cheesy tweet earns professional runner ‘gouda’ options for sponsorships


It’s been an exciting week for professional runner and Bend resident Rebecca Mehra.

For one, she placed 11th in the final round of the 1,500 meter race at the U.S. Olympic Trials.

She’s also gotten some unlikely sponsorship requests after making a joke to her boyfriend who manages her Twitter account.

“I said I would give anything to have a cheese sponsorship,” Mehra said. “I just kind of made an off-hand comment, I mean everyone knows how much I love cheese, and then he actually ended up tweeting it for me.

Mehra says she’s no stranger to the power of Twitter, after one of her tweets went viral earlier this year.

What she was surprised by was the number of serious responses from at least five cheese companies.

“Velveeta, Whisps, a company called FBOMB, Cabot Cheese, and then Rogue Creamery,” Mehra said. “Which I’ve read about Rogue Creamery and they’re an Oregonian company, so I was extra excited about that one too and trying their cheese.”

64 re-tweets, 45 replies, and over 1,000 likes aside, will Mehra take any of these companies up on their offers?

“Oh yeah, without question,” Mehra said. “I mean it would be very rare I think to see a professional athlete sponsored by something that’s not performance oriented. Like a performance bar or our team is sponsored by Picky Bars, which are an amazing Bend-based company. So this would be unique and I’m definitely going to look into it and see where it goes.”

She’s living the dream as an athlete and as a cheese lover.

“Really excited to be connected to cheese companies and just see where it goes,” Mehra said. “You know we’re just out here having fun with it, I’m out here competing at the Olympic Trials and it was just kind of a fun little aside but I’m enjoying it.”

Many of Mehra’s followers replied to her tweet tagging Oregon-based Tillamook Cheese to jump in with an offer, unfortunately, they have yet to respond.


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