▶️ Madras toddler recovering after horse kicks her in head


It was a normal Monday on the Peterson family farm in Madras, doing chores, as 3-year-old Ollie and older sister were brushing horses.

“Her mom raises really nice barrel horses, so they are around them all the time,” said longtime neighbor and president of Madras Saddle and Gaming Club Stephanie Kaseberg.

But in an instant, everything changed.

“The horses kind of sharked at each other and she was at the wrong spot at the wrong time. She was kicked in the back of the head,” Kaseberg said. “They rushed to Portland and she went through surgery.”

Ollie Mae Peterson was rushed to OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland, where doctors told the family they didn’t think ollie would make it through the night.

After surgery to remove bone and decompress the skull, surgeons sedated Ollie and put her on a ventilator as doctors tried to control brain swelling and seizures.

Kaseberg has known Ollie since she was born, watching her grow up riding horses.

“Mom and dad hold her on the horse and she goes around the events,” she said.

Soon after hearing the news, Kaseberg wanted to help.

“The mom and both daughters are members of our club and we thought it would be appropriate to do something horsey with them,” Kaseberg added.

She is holding a Ride for Ollie fundraising event on Aug. 29th at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds.

A GoFundMe account is also set up and as of Friday Afternoon raised over $14,000.

Ollie is now responding, sitting up, and drinking water, making a speedier recovery than doctors anticipated.

Ollie is expected to return home Monday or Tuesday.


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