▶️ St. Charles Prineville opens new immediate care clinic



A snip of a ribbon, a cheer from the crowd and a new ten-thousand square foot expansion of the St. Charles Hospital in Prineville is ready to open.

A huge crowd of Prineville residents came out to see the space that may make their lives a little easier.

“They are thrilled,” Maggie King, family physician, said of the crowd. “They have been begging for this for years. You can see with our awesome turn-out that people are excited.”

One of the most notable parts of the expansion is the new immediate care clinic, which will be open seven days a week. It’s the first clinic of its kind in the city.

“This has been a gap in the community for many years,” Todd Shields, hospital administrator for the Prineville campus, said. “People were utilizing the emergency room unnecessarily or travel to Bend or Redmond to get services.”

That means the immediate care clinic will free up space and resources in the overused St. Charles emergency room.

“We want everyone to get care, but we want them to get it in the right place,” King said. “This allows for more of a right spot for urgent care needs that don’t necessarily need to be in the emergency room.”

The new space also includes expanded rehab and specialty services.

The expansion was funded by a 4.6 million dollar donation from the Prineville Hospital Foundation and the Pioneer Memorial Hospital board.

“We’re really excited for this space to open,” King said. “Prineville has needed more access to care beyond our emergency department for a really long time.”


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