▶️Local towing company pulls semi-truck from Highway 97 ditch


With the icy road conditions, it’s been a busy week for Consolidated Towing Company.

“We are busy because the roads are very hazardous,” said Lori Anton, Consolidated’s General Manager. “We’ve had ice and snow and then the snow melts and turns into a sheet of ice.”

On Friday night, Consolidated Towing towed a semi-truck that slid off of Highway 97 near Lava Butte earlier this week.

The driver survived and the bags of chips the truck was carrying were recovered, although Anton says the truck is probably totaled.

Consolidated gets about ten to twenty overturned semi-truck jobs per year.

“We have it down to a science,” Anton said.

This is one of the hundreds of calls Consolidated gets per week in winter. Anton said they get a lot of calls from owners of four-wheel drive vehicles.

“People get over confident and they think their car is going to save them,” Anton said. “Other than just putting chains on your car and driving with chains, you are at risk to slide.”

Anton recommends always keeping emergency gear in your car and being patient if you call the company. Their first priority is assisting people on the side of the road before making house calls.

Her final advice: Stay put if you can when the roads are icy.

“We notice a difference when they say in the media ‘if you don’t have to go anywhere, don’t,'” Anton said. “It really does make a difference. When there are fewer people on the roads, there’s less of a chance of having a crash.”



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