▶️ Bend Golf Club hosts 6th annual Christmas Craft Bazaar


We’ve just entered November, but for many people, it’s not too early to start gearing up for Christmas. 

That includes the Bend Golf Club, which hosted its 6th annual Christmas Craft Bazaar on Sunday. 

The event boasted 35 vendors, mostly members of the club, selling everything from soaps to knitted items to artwork and jewelry. 

When the event started up several years ago, they had only 15 vendors. 

“I felt like we would be showcasing our club and offering something for the public to do for holidays in this neighborhood,” said Margaret Collier, the Athletics and Events Director at the Golf Club. She’s been in charge of the craft bazaar since the start. 

Now, vendors range in age from 11 to early 90’s. 

Collier said deciding to host the event earlier in the season made sense for them. 

“We didn’t want to be competing with other ones around town, and that was what happened…I think the first year there was two or three others going on the same day, and I think it’s nice to have the first chance to get it done and then it’s not competing with all of our other holiday banquets that we have here,” she said. 

She hoped the event would also be a chance to showcase the club to visitors. 


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