▶️ ‘Adventures with Purpose’ talks about latest find: Human remains


Jared Leisek started his Youtube channel ‘Adventures with Purpose’ a year ago.

“This whole thing really started as my mid-life crisis,” said Leisek. “[I] got in the water and just started doing some underwater clean ups. My whole goal the first three months was to see if we could clean up the Deschutes River, haul two thousand pounds of garbage out. Well, we nailed that goal within like eight weeks.”

From there, they turned to underwater recovery, pulling hundreds of vehicles and other finds from various bodies of water.

Today, the YouTube channel has soared to nearly 300,000 subscribers.

“Environmental cleanup is how it all started. Here we are a year later, we’ve run into over 40 cars now,” said Leisek. “We’ve really expanded, cold case files, families are reaching out to us, pulling more cars out where you never know what you’re going to find.”

On Tuesday, the team was streaming live from the Willamette River in Milwaukie as the crew recovered a vehicle.

They discovered human remains inside, traced back to a 12-year-old cold case.

We pulled a car out from 85 feet deep, it became real-real, real quick,” said Leisek. “I mean, I handled everything in stride, you know, calm, cool and collected, it was do what you need to do to secure the scene and get the appropriate authorities here.”

Leisek says they’re not allowed to share any more information about the case, but are continuing to try and help others find their loved ones.

“I just happen to bring people together at times with a ‘Hey, here’s our mission’,” said Leisek. “For us, this is our getting together and hanging out, it’s something we just enjoy doing, and it’s with a purpose.”


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