▶️ Yes, yellow pine pollen’s a pain, but it’s not the source of your sniffles


Pine pollen has been packing a punch in Central Oregon.

Bend resident Dani Langevin says, “I’ve been taking allergy medicine every day just to combat all the pollen that’s in the air right now.”

Langevin hasn’t been too happy with the town’s new coat of yellow.

“I think I’m more anti-pollen because I have to clean off all the counter in my house and wash the car, and all the bikes that are outside are all covered in pollen now too.”

But it’s her health that is taking the biggest hit of all.

Langevin says, “The second that I walk outside I notice that my allergies already get started going.”

According to allergy and asthma specialist Dr. Adam Williams, the pollen you see on the ground and all over cars is pine pollen. And it probably isn’t what’s getting you stuffed up.

“Even though we see all this yellow everywhere, that is probably not going to be a major cause of allergies for people with allergies,” Williams said. “It’s actually going to be the grass pollen season. Which is just getting going right around the same time.”

Dr. Williams said in his 12 years living in Bend, this is the most pollen he has seen.

As for Langevin, this is her first pollen season in Central Oregon since moving from Colorado, and it can’t end fast enough.

“I don’t know when it will go away,” Langevin said. “But I do look forward to that day.”

If you’re already tired of the pollen, tough luck. Dr. Williams says we won’t be seeing less of it until August.


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