▶️ WorkSource Oregon ‘Back to Work Day’ unsuccessful for some Bend businesses


It is no secret local businesses have been struggling to find employees throughout the pandemic.

WorkSource Oregon tried to address this issue Wednesday through a statewide hiring initiative called “Back to Work Day.”

“The purpose is to connect job seekers with employers,” Joe Milazzo, WorkSource Bend said.

Back to Work Day seemed like a promising initiative for Bend with about 260 job seekers expressing interest and receiving lists of participating businesses from WorkSource Bend.

But, as Central Oregon has experienced for a long time, new hires are hard to come by.

“Today we’ve had one from the WorkSource group come in,” Guy Callahan, Host Campers production manager said.

Host Campers was one of over 20 Bend businesses taking part in the event, encouraging potential employees to stop by with resumes.

Callahan says he is surprised by the almost non-existent turnout.

“With the anticipation of this coming up for weeks,” Callahan said. “I thought there would be more and there just hasn’t been.”

Central Oregon Daily News interviewed Callahan back in April when he, like many others, was experiencing a labor shortage.

With 12 positions still open, nothing has changed for the RV manufacturer.

“All of our jobs are trainable jobs, it’s a very good family environment here,” Callahan said. “Really like the people that work here, we just need more of them.”

Central Oregon Daily News was able to get in contact with six other participating businesses in Bend, all of which had between zero and four people show up.

“We want to employ people,” Callahan said. “We want this community to flourish with having more employees.”

WorkSource Bend does expect more Back to Work Day events in the future.

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