▶️ Welcome Wolfpack! New Caldera High School opens to excited students, staff


The Caldera High School Wolfpack.

The newest high school in Bend – and the first new high school to open in 20 years.

Around 400 freshmen were in the classrooms Wednesday learning the ropes.

“Today, we were helping the freshmen find their classes and set up posters around the school to kind of get into school spirit,” said Caldera High sophomore Ella Jenning.

Joining them tomorrow will be around 300 sophomores.

“I’m super excited, which usually I’m not for school, but it’s just all so new, new teachers, new people, just a new start for some things,”  said Caldera High sophomore Mili Timm.

Jenning and Timm were both freshmen at Bend Senior High last year.

Now they start a new path at Caldera High.

▶️ Caldera High School on schedule for Sept. 8th opening

“It’s kind of just exciting to be the first graduating class and kind of like leading everybody into the school year and being the oldest,” Timm said.

After 18 years in California, assistant principal Jeff Rosado is starting his first year with the Bend-La Pine School District.

“Really that is part of the appeal, a real opportunity to build culture, build community with this amazing staff and welcoming these students to a brand new school,” Rosado said.

A unique opportunity not very many have, creating school values from day one.

“Its purpose and belonging are what are really what our core concepts that we value and we are going to be pushing, not only through the curriculum, but in the activities that we do and the opportunities we can provide our students,” Rosado added.

The high school was built with funds from a $268 million bond passed in 2017

It included construction of two new schools, North Star Elementary and Caldera High School.


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