▶️ Winter storms causing product delivery delays in Central Oregon


Severe storms continue to impact much of the Pacific Northwest and the winter conditions across the state are having a ripple effect here in Central Oregon.

At Central Oregon Locavore, a shipment of products was delayed several days.

“We are definitely feeling it, we are ready for that shipment and ready to get that product out,” said James Gray, market director at Central Oregon Locavore.

Customers are waiting for items that still haven’t arrived.

“Those products usually run out or run low by the time we are ready to get them, so we have been out of some of those products for a couple days now,” Gray said.

They might not get those products until Wednesday.

“It is unfortunate because it does affect business for us,” he said.

Oil delivery company Mid Columbia Producers has also seen it firsthand.

“The ripple effect, it did cause some trouble, there’s no doubt about it,” said Rob Rash, divisions manager at Mid Columbia Producers.

MCP (Mid Columbia Producers) has a location in Bend that gets most of its oil from Portland.

“There’s places that look like an atom bomb went off,” Rash said. “I mean there is not a tree standing, there’s power lines down all over heck.”

“Typically, you can make a round trip to Bend in 10 hours,” he added. “In some cases, these guys were on the road for 14, 15, 16 hours.”

Bend Operations Manager Joe Carlon says they were prepared for the storms.

“Over the years we learned to keep a lot of inventory in the winter time, so we can make it a couple of days if we can’t get resupplied,” Carlon said.

Carlon says there were a lot of internal delays, but they were still able to supply oil to all customers.

At Central Oregon Locavore, Gray says delays are a nuisance but understands.

“I think it is good that companies are keeping their drivers safe,” Gray said.

Gray and Carlon say they think the worst of it is behind them.


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