▶️ Wedding ring found on Mt. Bachelor ready to be claimed…if the owner wants it


Sometimes you find more than views on Mt. Bachelor.

One cyclist found something sentimental on a ride Sunday that Central Oregon Daily hopes someone is still searching for.

“Being a good citizen they picked it up and brought it right down to our ticketing office,” Dustin Fletcher, Mt. Bachelor brand and content manager said. “We found out that it was a missing wedding band.”

The wedding ring was found on a bike trail underneath the Pine Mountain chair lift.

Fletcher says it is not the most common find during any season.

“Typically under the chair lift we don’t find as many wedding bands, but we do find cell phones, credit cards, wallets,” Fletcher said. “Things like that that usually get brought right into ticketing as well.”

The band is unique with a pair of initials and date on the inside.

“I would imagine that they’re probably pretty nervous and want to get it back pretty quick,” Fletcher said. “Fortunately, with the community all rooting for the owner, I think they’ll have it back really soon.”

Sound familiar? It is ready to be claimed.

“Come on up and get in touch with our public safety officers,” Fletcher said. “Go in the ticketing office and they’ll get you in touch with them there. They can help you identify the ring, or you can identify the ring, and recover it.”

Just so this ring does not fall into the wrong hands, this person should bring photo proof, ID, or even a marriage certificate to claim it.


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