▶️ Volunteers create Bend Community Fridge & Pantry to ease food insecurity

It’s a fridge and freezer, sitting on a street corner in Bend.

A new addition to the neighborhood. 

The Bend Community Fridge was installed over the weekend and is like a little free library, where people share food and take what they need.

“We are sort of just a bunch of neighbors who said that there is people that are hungry, so what if we asked the community for money, then put this community fridge together,” said fridge volunteer Matti Joy-Puccio.

The group is dedicated to easing food insecurity and reducing food waste in Central Oregon.

“We are deeply inspired by community fridges in Eugene and Portland and obviously all over the United States,” Joy-Puccio added.

The free fridge or “freedge”, as it’s affectionately called is located outside of the Cosmic Depot, near 3rd and Clay Street.

“This is accessible all times of day,” said Cosmic Depot employee Alexis Leonard. “So anytime anybody needs something, they are able to come through this alleyway whether it is rain or shine, day or night and pick something up or donate.”

Volunteers oversee food inspections, cleaning and other tasks.

“It is really, really cool to see that even when there is a lot of panic and change and things are not always perfect people show up and still band together for their community,” said Cosmic Depot Employee Allyse.

“This is the first one …. but it won’t be the last one,” concluded Joy-Puccio.


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