▶️ Vaccinated locals express mixed reactions over updated mask guidance


From “it’s too soon” to “this could convince others to get their COVID shot,” reactions seem mixed in Bend regarding being fully vaccinated and mostly not having to wear a mask.

Some see the perks.

“If you’re out more in nature, outdoors and stuff where you can be more distanced from people,” Sally Wiedeman, Bend resident said. “It’s a great idea.”

Others see potential harm.

“Definitely, I think it’s too soon,” Angela Doescher, parent said. “We don’t have any really good way of knowing who’s vaccinated and who’s not.”

Many are stuck in the middle.

“I feel that I’m protected,” Doug Reinthal, Bend resident said. “But I believe as far as public health goes, not everybody is playing the same game.”

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Reinthal is fully vaccinated, but says there are still certain places he will continue to wear a mask.

“Whether I was in a nursing home or care facility,” Reinthal said. “I would feel obligated to do what I could to prevent any spread or whatever that I may possibly be carrying.”

Wiedeman, a health care worker, can think of a few situations as well.

“If I’m still going into stores or in a crowded outside venue,” Wiedeman said. “I might have it on.”

Earlier this week, Angela Doescher told Central Oregon Daily News she was excited that her high-risk, 13-year-old son can now be vaccinated.

But even with the shot he got Friday, Doescher still wants to be careful.

“I’ll still be wearing my mask and so will he in crowded places,” Doescher said. “But it’ll be nice to be able to go to very little gatherings or parks and know at least he’ll be protected.”

Regardless, multiple residents told Central Oregon Daily News Friday it’ll be a strange adjustment.

“Kind of watch, and see, and judge if you have your mask on or not too,” Wiedeman said. “That’s kind of the new world we’re in.”


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